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the great pumpkin 07-04-2018 09:44 PM

Hi ,im new here.
Hello everyone I am new here, need some help , I have a 2014 dart Gt , having electrical issues , started with traction control light came on one night , shut car off ,restarted light gone , did it a few other times . then one night traction light came on and speedo cluster flickered , again shut off went away . then on another night ,gauge cluster started flickering ,track control light & check eng light came on. also several warning lights came on , code u0100 was set . loss communication to ecm /pcm , cleared ,drove a few days no problems , then when it got hotter , all hell broke loose , several warning lights came on ,gauges were going nuts , wipers started on their own ,couldn't turn off , trans acted like it wasn't going to shift , got to work ,shut off ,couldn't do anything , cluster went dark ,couldn't start car ,roll up windows ,close sunroof .popped hood , checked battery cables ,checked for loose grounds ,pushed on computer connectors by battery, was finally able to get car to start,close windows and sunroof , changed battery ,was weak, then threw a bunch of codes ,was able to clear , still seems like it wants to act up , not really wanting to drive my car now ,anybody have an idea or seen this problem . any help would be appreciated.

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