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  1. Dodge Dart Electrical Problems and Questions
    Looking for advice on how to add my powered bazooka to my Dart Ralley. I see I will need to buy an output converter. Any other advise? Thanks guyz. I've had my Dart for 2 days now, just dropped it off at the dealer to get a "stripe" kit installed!! Can't wait. Look forward to sharing stories!!
  2. Custom Dodge Dart Interior Mods & Audio/Video
    These are my 12inch kicker comp speakers. The box I found was rather small but this is exactly what I was looking for as it fits perfectly in the darts trunk. The amp fits really well mounted to the rear window deck. This will not work for those of you with the alpine system. I used a sony dsp...
  3. Custom Dodge Dart Interior Mods & Audio/Video
    the uconnect system is great, but the sound quality is not. does anyone have any experience with using a dsp/crossover like the kicker front row to clean up the sound? Thanks
  4. Custom Dodge Dart Interior Mods & Audio/Video
    I'm looking to install my amp but can't find where to run the power wire. I found on the drivers side a little above the clutch what looks like the rubber grommet for the wires to travel through the firewall. However I can't locate it on the engine side. Is this what I'm looking for? Or do I run...
1-4 of 4 Results