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has anyone else notice there 1.4 dart roll backwards when you take your foot off the brake. My wife was driving the other day and said it rolled back quite a bit to the point she put the breaks on. I want to know if this is normal or if there might be something wrong with my car. Also the check engine light has been going on for a couple of weeks and have had it at the dealer twice and they still don't know why it is happening.

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Roll back

The Dart has what is called hill start assist and will roll back a little. it can be turned off

- Symptom/Vehicle Issue: Hill Start Assist Disable Procedure
- Discussion: Request to disable the Hill Start Assist, procedure to complete.
- Hill Start Assist disable procedure (if desired) - Note vehicle roll back mitigation will not be present with this feature disabled.

- Hill Start assist can be disabled if desired. This procedure applies to vehicles equipped with a manual or automatic transmission -
  • Wheels must be pointed straight ahead, on a level surface.
  • Automatic transmission should be in Park.
  • Place manual transmission in neutral if equipped.
  • Begin with the ignition off.
  • Engage park brake,
  • Start engine and wait for ESC OFF lamp to turn off.
  • Apply brake pedal.
  • Turn steering wheel 200 degrees counter clockwise (just over half a turn from center position) Press the "ESC off " button 4 times.
  • Rotate the steering wheel back to center and continue in a clockwise direction until 200 degrees past center.
  • Turn the ignition to off position.

- If procedure was done correctly , ESC malfunction lamp will flash -

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Make sure you did NOT turn off the Traction Control by pressing the White Button next to the Hazard Light button. Only turn it off if starting on a steep incline when you would rapidly move your foot from the brake to the gas.

If you turn it off, the car will roll back since it prevents roll back. It should start as ON every time you start the car.
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