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While checking the oil on my '13 Dart Limited 1.4 Turbo (70,100 miles), I noticed the coolant reservoir was empty. The T-fitting connecting the turbo cooling hose assembly was obviously leaking pink coolant. Par for the course, FCA plastics are definitely junk!
I immediately when to to the dealer and purchased a new hose assembly. You can't buy just the "T", fortunately the whole assembly was only $26.43.

You will need a Dermel tool and diamond wheel to remove the permanent style clamp at the reservoir and supply your own screw clamp to replace it. With tools in hand the fix takes about 20 minutes.

Dodge Part Number 489320AD Tube-Turbo

Failure of the "T" will definitely cost you a tow, if not a turbo.
If yours is in marginal condition, you can find out by simply moving the hoses, the part will break like glass!


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