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1967 Dart Owner...need some advice..

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Hi, I'm new. I've been restoring a 1967 dodge dart GT (slant 6 / 225), got it running after 25years !! sounds great. now I'm moving into the interior and need some help..
a) Tires. Can't find original whitewall tires 185/70/13 would be the equivalent. I'm about to give up and settle for black - looking for the 5/8 inch white wall - any ideas.
b) Need to get seats, headliner, carpet, etc. done. Any ideas resources.. please feel free to share (I've seen Yearone, etc). They sell pearl white seat covers, but I can't find the brown lining that goes around.

Any resources of new or used would help.

Thanks much
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Welcome to the Z from NC! Sorry, this forum is primarily for the new Dart but that does not mean you won't get an answer. Glad you joined us, enjoy!
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