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1973 Duster 225 questions

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1973 Duster 225 questions
I am restoring a low mileage barn find, complete car, have repaired all rust damage, replaced bad rubber, primed and is ready for paint. .Have purchased period correct paint, am changing the color. All original, seats, perfect, interior parts, required some repair, and were awful colors, so have been repaired and primed. New hoses, brakes, bushings bearings, ball joints. Wiring is perfect, all electrical parts all original, and fine. The 225, has been gone over and is fine, the Holly one barrel has been rebuilt, and has not been reinstalled.
I have put to much into it, to mess up on details, so I have a few questions.
1. The car came with only a drivers side mirror, it isn’t in perfect condition, is small and hard to see out of, I have a set of Chrysler New Yorker mirrors, period correct , use them? Buy something that looks good? Buy reproduction, or another? What do you think?
2. Interior colors, does period correct matter? I want to go with flat black with some wood grain, what do you think?
3. I need a float and spring, to finish the one barrel, can buy a rebuilt, with warranty, for the same price, with core exchange, what do you think
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Make the car yours. If your making a show car make it oe. But I built my 69 for me it was a /6 now 360 with a 727 and I love it. It is a fun car.
Welcome to the Z from NC! Have fun with your restore!
Hi and welcome to the 'Z', from VA. Glad to have you here with us. Post some progress pictures when you get a chance.
Welcome! Glad to have you with us!!

if you are going to show it or sell it, then i would try to get as close to original equipment as you can. have you tried for parts?

otherwise, do what you will with it, its your car!!
fix it up and have fun with it. a 6cyl Duster really isn't that collectable, so since your changing the color anyway, do it up the way YOU want it.

have fun!!! :)
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