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As of right now I have a 2011 Chevy Camaro SS, but was getting somewhat interested in a Dodge Dart. I think the main things that it had was that it was 4 doors which makes getting my nephew in and out easier, and the safety of 10 airbags. The digital dashboard and UConnect radio are also nice things to have as well. Also really like the mpg as it gets 25+ for city, cause as of right now Im getting like 13mpg with the Camaro.

I was pretty set on getting the Dart cause I wanted to save some money on gas, as I can drain half a tank of gas on the Camaro within a week or so. BUT now I also got a 95 Honda Civic for a work car, so Ill be using that gas mostly and the Camaro would be used on days off or after work. Now Im starting to think that maybe the Dart isn't that valuable since I got a non gas guzzler to drive to work all those days.

Then I think about winter coming, and the Camaro would pretty much be worthless as it can't really be driven all to well in winter. Don't really wanna drive the Honda (POS) during winter on my outings, which is a plus for the Dart as it is FWD.

Not really yo sure on what to do, the Dart has alot of good things to it, but I really like my Camaro and would hate to see it go. Not sure exactly how much of a difference the monthly payments would be tough, but I do know the insurance would be roughly the same and the L.plates would be like $100 cheaper.
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