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I am almost a new dart owner. Weve had one for a full day and loved it but have a couple questions before we sign the papers.
My wife currently has a dodge journey that she wants to trade for the dart. The reason for the dart is fun to drive a lot better fuel mileage and we dont need size of the journey. We have a full size pickup truck as well for our major roadtrips and hauling etc.
My only big hiccup is we have 2 small kids in forward facing car seats. One is 2 and a half the other is 1. They both fit with their carseats fine in the dart and it will mostly be used in town for my wife to and from work/daycare/shopping.
My question is, will the dart be a good choice as a, second family vehicle, or will we regret the purchase?

Thanks in advance

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First off, welcome to the Z.

I think that it comes down to your own opinion. Do you plan on growing your family further? if so, then you may outgrow the Dart.

If you do not plan on growing your family, then the Dart could work wonderfully for you.

I believe that there is enough room for the (current) kids to sit with (hopefully) enough separation to avoid the "he's touching me" routine.

The trunk is large enough for lots of groceries and other stuff that needs to be hauled around for the kiddos.

Does the Dart meet your needs? if so then go for it!

good luck

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