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Awd srt?

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Hey guys,
I started a thread over on allpar, and here is what the first post said:

"According to, AWD is confirmed for the Dart and the SRT4 is "expected". My question is how many of you would like to see the two combined? I personally think this would be a perfect blend, and would jump all over this, but would love to see what everyone else thinks as well."

What are your individual thoughts to items that have been brought up in that thread?
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SRT model will be available late 2013 UNLESS Dodge tries to hype it up as a 2014 model where it'll be aviable last month of 2013 OR first few months of 2014.

this is what my dealership said.
I am excited to see the SRT, but I would love to have it in AWD. If it is only FWD, the 300 horses would not be as fun in the corners on a track. It would become an excellent drag car as soon as the wheels stick to the tarmac. Yet another reason why with that much horsepower in a stock car, AWD would put this thing over the edge. It would start making a run into the STi territory and buyers for sure.
as much as i'll take a dart... i'll take a sti and walk in anything srt has to offer :) their boxer engine isn't a comparison. I may get spoken with on saying that but truly.

however i'll still catch myself with, the 'upgraded' engines with muti age and tiger shark SHOULD give dodge a MUCH better advantage than the neon's ever EVER had. so it would be a great comparison for sure... agains older sti's. now Subaru is competing with Audi and other higher end cars. (that surprised the HELL out of me when I seen/read/watch video reviews) on it.
I agree, and with the new Direct Injection 2.0 that they are headed towards, the STi, may take 1st place again for me. But right now, the SRT is looking decent for fuel economy + a fun car to drive. I have a feeling that the STi, WRX and LGT will take over the top spots once again though. It will be interesting to see how the SRT fits in with a group of cars that have dominated the tuning world for quite some time..
i'm pretty sure that the SRT will overcome anything chevy and ford have to offer within the same class. Hyundai...ha.. thats a joke.

when it comes to subie and the evo...idk. that is pretty tough competition. but I agree. it will be very interesting to see where it places within the compact car group.
not a Dart, but I just read a release from Chrysler that there is a Journey SRT in the near future. the release also confirmed that the Avenger will be gone in 2014 and that some Alfa models will begin to appear in late 2013 and continue into 2014.

some exciting times if you're a fan of Chrysler/FIAT!!!! :D
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