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Black Widow getting a facelift

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well we are getting ready for sema 2013 this year and we have been doing some cool R&D over the last few months. Along with that we have added some cool new stuff to the car(either here or in production)

- 02Forged 2 piece wheels
- Meagan racing coilovers
- Razzi lip kit
- 3G Customs engine bay dress up kit
- AAC Halos headlightlights
- kicker audio mids/highs
- XSPower battery (x2)
- Paint!!!!!!!!

Cant wait for Wekfest SJ this month as well as BLOX13 shows

This will make the next few months a fun ride. I thought I would start this so I can also make this a lil blog and update thread....
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WE need some pics !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes deffinately. Can't wait to see how it will look.
car gets torn down right after wekfest this weekend
no kidding!!! these kind of posts suck with out pics!! LOL show us soon!
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