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Burning smell when the heat is on.

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I have had my Rallye for a little over a week now and although I love the way the car drives, it has a lot of minor quarks that bother me. One of them is that when I have the fan/heater on for about 30 minutes. I notice a burning smell coming from the vents. When I shut the fan off, the smell goes away. I thought that since the car was new, it was just the fan running for the first time but now I have about 300 miles on the car and it still does the same thing. Any ideas or should I just bring it back to the dealer ?
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I would take it back to the dealer.
Hi, I've owned my dart for 6 months and about two weeks ago I noticed a burning smell in the vents and it progressively got worse. Until it began to envelope the car even when the car was off. Three days ago in the morning I went to start the car for work and my clutch was very firm and was not catching until the very top. I've never burnt out a clutch before between the ten sticks I've driven so I was confused. My car only has about 7 thousand miles on it and the clutch blew so maybe I would have them check your clutch. That's just my experience and I still have not received my car back yet :(
I agree......take it to your dealer and have them look at it. its under warranty, why not?
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