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Car and Driver June 2012 Article

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I was pleasantly surprised to read a very positive review of the new Dart in the current issue of Car and Driver.
We all know they generally hate the domestics and seem to be on the payroll for BMW.
But here are some of my favorite quotes....

"The first few miles of driving on wet but entertaining California coastal roads convinced us that the Dart is about to stir havoc among the incumbents"

"the Dart is a legitimate driver's car with an engaging personality, a hunger for apexes, and the essentials needed to reorder the small car hierarchy"

WOW:eek: really? This does not sound like the Car and Driver I am familiar with.
Maybe they are making an exception with this new Dodge because of it's shared genetics with a European maker, Fiat?

Anyway, really looking forward to a spirited drive in one myself.
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I'm actually not surprised. I have yet to hear any TRUE negative things when it comes to this car, but i'm curious of what owners of one year will be with this car. What i'll be pissed on is if they cut back on all the options they'll first have on their second year of production.
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