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Ok, so 100 miles out of the chute and the Dart starts throwing codes, I take her to the dealership and they say its a multi cylinder misfire code. they had it for three days and finally tell me that they simply needed to re-load the computer and gave me the car back. I've been driving it w/o problems for about 500 miles, then took her out on the Capital Beltway. Decided to take her all the way around. So, I cruising at a pretty good speed when I start to hit traffic, I put her in Stik mode and begin to shift, next thing you know, the CEL starts blinking again, I put her back in Auto and it goes out. I drive a ways, and try the stik mode again, sure enough, after a few shifts (up and down) the CEL starts blinking again....WTF??
I put her in auto again and have been driving her that way since. I haven't taken her back to the dealership yet, but probably will this weekend. ugh..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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