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Chicago-Milwaukee Land

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Who in the Chicago to Milwaukee area will be buying a Dodge Dart?

I'm hoping as more members join and will buy them, we can get a HUGE meet going.
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hey im from Sheboygan, WI. not there now but ill be back midway next year. hope to have a meet soon after i get back.
I am in Plainfield IL suburb by chicago
I'm from Fond du Lac, WI.
Is there going to be any sort of meets going on in the near future?
Redline Limited now living in LaGrange, IL.
Lagrange your a close neighbor to me....

I am going to organize a summer meet and see if we can actually start a club for Darts in the Chicago land area...
I'm in Fond du Lac. Could check in if I have time.
Orland Park

I'm from Orland Park just south of Chicago.
I am Located in Homer Glen Illinois SW Suburb of Chicago. A meet would be a great idea.
summer time

Villa park il. here. Lets gets something started this year....
Chicago Dart

Hey guys, first time on here! I am from Chicago, SouthSide representing! I just bought a 2014 SXT. Just put 1k miles on it and looking to tune it soon! I haven't seen many mods for this car but f course it's all in good time! I would love to get a meet going before it gets too cold as you know Chiberia is on its way. I hope people keep posting frequently, ****ing love this car and the tight community! We are indeed one of a kind and let's keep it that way!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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