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CLUNK noise when i turn on and ff hi beams?!!

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im getting my car looked at on monday for damage from the dealer and noticed earlyer today that when i flash the highbeams it makes a loud clunk when they go on and again whenthey shut off was wondering if thats normal?
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If you have HID's I think that mechanism actually moves when you go from low to high beams. I've heard this over on the ChallengerZ also. I don't have them so I can't say for sure.
Yes this is normal.. its the shutter opening and closing on the lights... most of the new mopar cars make this noise.
ok lol ive always had old trucks so im new to all the hi tech stuff just didnt seem normal to me but thanks makes me feel better.
I didnt knw either... I brought it to dealer to find that out... all the darts did it
I have the same issue. You would think the engineers at Dodge would have worked this out, I mean everything else on the car is electronic so why not the lights? This was just poor planning.
Actually what's taking place is there is a magnet on the headlight bulb setup when you hit high beams it energizes and sucks the bulb in and up this the noise. Aftermarket hids have been doing this for many years. However aftermarket hids should just move the bulb. The dart moves a bit more than that. That's why it louder. It's a simple way to do it and pretty trouble free. Thus the reason it is not reengineered as its simple and works.
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