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I have had nothing but issues with this car since I purchased it 27 months ago. It started with a burning smell that was not diagnosed until 15 months later. I have reported it to the dealership and the dealership stated that they could not diagnose it. Since the dealership could not diagnose it Dodge Customer Care Service could not fix it. I finally got it resolved after a got a guy at Dodge Customer Care that told the dealership the car was not going anywhere until it was found. Around the same time the Master/Slave System went on the car. It is a known issue (same with smell) and again the dealership could not diagnose it. Finally I had enough and took it in again and told them I would not take it back until they resolved the issue and printed out copies of the forums where they stated the issue was. I thought all the issues were resolved and that I finally could enjoy the car. I was wrong.

Yesterday I got in the car and guess what? No Clutch again. Got it to the dealership and was told that their were 47 cars ahead of mine that have been waiting 5 days. I told him it was not my problem. I would not be back in here if the part was fixed and stayed fixed. Called Dodge Customer Care and tried to get the case manager that resolved my issues and was pleasant to talk too. No I cant talk to him. This is crazy. Yes it is the same part they just replaced. But Dodge Customer Care has to talk to the Dealership to confirm what I am saying. Like I would lie about this!!! They were to call me back but I seriously doubt it.

After all the issues and all the problems I am left with a serious decision, do I sell the car and buy a new one? I know for sure that it will not be another Dodge. I have owned Dodges all my life but now no more. This is terrible. The dealership should recognize that this car is a lemon and try to keep me as a customer. That will not happen. I have talked to the service manager before the last time I was there. Not impressed.

It is a defect to have a brand new car smell like it is on fire and to be forced to live with it because the dealership could not duplicate. I was second guessing myself but my husband and a coworker also smell it. Frankly I got tired of going to the dealership every time I smelled it and they could not.

Now the clutch issue. I work various hours and 40 miles from my home. I cannot afford to lose any more time off work to deal with this crap. This is the second time it had to be replaced.
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