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Hey everyone name is matt as you could see.
Ive been saving up for a dodge dart but thinking of what to get im 18 and srt8 is way to expensive and will just destroy my budget. Im currently driving a 2001 Chrysler neon 4 liter lets just say its slow and cops grab me every time. Looking for something with some horsepower! tiger shark engine is interesting and have been thinking about grabbing that. Sxt is not my style anyone with some tip and tricks on saving and having a great vehicle let me know. I can help you as well with any problems because my dad will be selling these cars hopefully around april if the production runs swell. really swell? ok thanks and have a great day :)
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Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined, enjoy!
Welcome! Glad to have you with us!

go for the R/T!!!
Welcome to the 'Z', from VA.
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