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Hi - In the dead cold of winter 2 winters ago, I caught a strong smell of antifreeze and took my Dart to the dealer to check it out. She had about 36,000 miles on her at the time. They determined it to be these stupid hose clamps that are the "pinch type" that weren't holding well due to the cold. They replaced what they could reach (n/c) and said that I'd likely have to get the others replaced eventually, but it would be expensive because other others are in a location that is tough to get at. It sounded as though they only replaced the ones they could get at for no cost because of the mileage on the car at the time.

Just the other day, as I'm approaching the 48,000 mile mark, I smell it again. Here's my dilemma - I'm also considering the lifetime warranty. However, I can't find out if this darn problem would be covered or not! I'm not spending $3100 on the warranty only to find out that I have to drop another pile on this little leak. I called the dealership and they want a "part number" so they can determine if it's covered. It's a hose clamp! Guessing something so "trivial" isn't covered, but seems to me it's a faulty part. Anyone have any experience in this? Has anyone experienced this issue with these clamps, especially in the severe cold and has anyone gotten the lifetime warranty? Aside from this, it's been an awesome car - fun and reliable and I have no intention of parting ways with it.

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