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Custom build or turbo back system?

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Intake and exhaust are the first thing I do to a new car, and I think it's the first thing most people do. I'm just wonder if having a custom 3" system built would be a better way to go than one of the three after market systems currently out. I dont think the Flowmaster sounds good at all on the Dart and the Magnaflow is way expensive right now, plus I've heard of install issues with it. The Injen is nice but then it's not a duel exhaust and although they say to leave the factory tail pipes in place, it just feels incompletely to me.

All that being said I thought about taking my Dart to a local performance shop, picking a muffler (if any) and having them build a custom exhaust, mandrel bent of course. I'm just curious how everyone else feels about all I've said.

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most the custom exhaust shops plus some performance shops that I have talked to said that the 3" exhaust is a little to big for the 1.4 that 2.5" is about the biggest you should go unless you have a lot of internal work done and larger turbo. They mentioned that would lose top end with it being that large. Now this is only conversation of opinions too. Thank you
I went with a custom made 2.5" exhaust and I couldn't be happier. Sounds awesome, picked up some throttle reponse and top speed too.
which muffler did you go with or did you delete muffler and resonator
Any shop that tells you that you can go too big on a turbo engine you should run from! 3" is the way on the 1.4 L. I run a catless DP with full 3" single (Injen) exhaust, as far as advertised dyno numbers go, its the most powerful set up for the 1.4 L currently. And it sounds sweet too!
Are you getting any CEL with the catless downpipe? It's my next upgrade, but can't decide if I want the MP catless one or the Road Race catted...
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