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Hey Z's!

So I, in my ever collegiate level budget, decided I did not have the money for a Injen Cold Air Intake. But FEAR NOT! I am a tinkerer, so I built my own at the local auto shop. Following is the list of Parts:

1x 4" piping (3" width)
1x 60 degree elbow (3" width)
1x Spectre Cone Air Filter
1x Roll of Heat Reflecting Tape
1x Spectre Rubber Coupler
2x 4" Screw Clamps (replace the 2 on the specter rubber coupler)

All I did was remove the stock piping from the engine cover to the stock intake housing. Then undid the bolt and tape that hold the lower housing in. Once it is removed, simply attach the two halves of the pipe together (I had piping that came with fastening rings).

After that, I attached the Spectre filter to the elbow pipe with the supplied screw clamp. Remove the screw clamps from the Spectre Coupler and replace with the larger 4 in clamps, I had to cut slots into one end of the piping to get it onto the engine cover intake port. After this, I locked down the coupler onto the intake port, then worked the piping into the coupler, locked down using the screw clamp, and bada-bing! 70 dollars for a 180-240 dollar intake!

ANNNNNND Pictures!


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