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Dart ETAs!!!

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I was told by our General Manager that our first Dart is to arrive on the 20th of this month with 2 more allocations in July.

WOO HOO!!!!!! :D
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We expect pics that evening!
LOL...if I see it, YOU'LL see it! :D
gentleman on a different forum already has one and posted a few pics. He bought the sxt with a 1.4T.
off my neon forum but here it goes

mulishaneon33 said:
So my best friend works at the local Dodge dealership. He got sent to The Palace of Auburn Hills for the Dart Presentation today and invited me along as his guest. Nearly 300 Darts will make there way into dealerships across Michigan today! Go get yours now :D
Saw a pic on FB where they had them lined up on Texas Motor Speedway getting ready to take a lap.
UPDATE: its now 6/21......still no Dart. :(
(RE: pic from the Palace at Auburn Hills) off my neon forum but here it goes
hummmm.........looks like they are only coming in RED! :p
UPDATE: guess Chrysler had a "drive away" yesterday from Auburn Hills. our owner picked ours up yesterday and he's suppose to be here sometime TODAY with it! :D

I bet its a RED one!!!! :p
UPDATE: IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE. now where did I put that camera????? :eek:
The dealers in my area are all getting their allotment on the 26th. Big rollout at the Twins game then they get to bring them back to the dealerships.
got pics.....but the memory card in my camera crapped out on me. can't pull any pics off of it. :(

the one we got in was a RED (surprise, surprise) Rallye with the 1.4L Turbo and a 6sp. very nice looking. I think other than leather this one had everything on it and the sticker price was $22,500. very nice!!!
A dealer has posted what is supposedly the first Dart in Atlanta.

But I think that right now they all just have demo cars. Real inventory probably won't hit dealers for another couple weeks.
I just test drove a Rallye w/ the 1.4T and manual trans and I have to say I was fairly impressed with that trim level so I can't wait to get my Limited. I got to take her out for about a 20 minute cruise on both city streets and hwy.

I did not really notice any turbo lag when cruising around town, the car was pretty responsive under 3k rpm and moved out pretty good when I got my foot into it on the hwy. (70 mph zone) Brakes will take a bit of getting used to though as you will have no trouble stopping. The clutch / trans worked great with smooth shifts and a solid feeling each time the gear engaged. Nice tight steering too.

All in all, I'm not disappointed in what I drove today and can't wait for mine to be delivered!
Glad you weren't disappointed! Tough ordering a car that you've never driven before.
Glad you weren't disappointed! Tough ordering a car that you've never driven before.
It was definately a leap of faith but I believe it will pay off in the long run.
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