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Dart problems

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Hi, I've owned my dart for 6 months and about two weeks ago I noticed a burning smell in the vents and it progressively got worse. Until it began to envelope the car even when the car was off. Three days ago in the morning I went to start the car for work and my clutch was very firm and was not catching until the very top. I've never burnt out a clutch before between the ten sticks I've driven so I was confused. My car only has about 7 thousand miles on it and the clutch blew. That's just my experience and I still have not received my car back yet :( before this happen I have also experienced a cylinder misfire causing the car to run on only 3cylinders, screen freezing and blanking out at times, tach and speeded not working, and just basically everything is going wrong with my car. I love my vehicle but why would I buy a new vehicle that's in the shop more than out of it. I am also not one of those picky people that complain these are real mechanical issues I've encountered.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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