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Doyle (jstkilntim) arranged the detailer at the hotel in Gatty again. I've quoted his post from the Challenger side.

Dayton does a great job. He details my Charger and my husband's Challenger every year.

I talked to Dayton and he will definitely be joining us in Gatty again. He has been with us several years now & I still have not heard a complaint.

He will be setting up on Thursday and staying throughout the weekend as long as he is busy. The last couple of years he was pretty much swamped from daylight to dark. I am pretty sure he will be taking appointments and using first come first serve in between.

He normally uses products that he makes himself. So far everybody has been impressed with them, but I am sure he will use your products if preferred.

A full detail (wash, wax, vacuum etc.) is $65 for a car and $75 for a truck or SUV.
For just a wash and cleaning the interior is $30.

If anybody has any specific questions, would like to make an appointment ahead of time or book him before Thursday or after Sunday, please call him direct at 865-765-3896. If you call him more than a couple of weeks out, he will probably have you call back when it gets closer to time.

See everybody soon,
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