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Driver Seat help

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I just got a new Dart Limited and really like the interior but the driver seat seems to be too flat for me to sit comfortably. I wanted to see if there is a way to just tilt/raise the front part of the seat some. I am able to adjust the seat up in the back part of the seat and the back of the seat but not the front part of the seat where my legs are. I had a S60 and liked how the seat was a little higher in the front part than the back. Any suggestions would be great.
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quit simple! just take the mounting bolts out of the front of the seat and put flat washers under the seat track till you get the angle you want, then get a piece of square steel stock that height drill 2 holes in it to accept the seat studs, then you will have to get longer studs to compensate for the distance you are raising the seatin front. for instance 2 inches you need 2 inch square steel, and use grade 8 bolts to hold the seat down hope this works for you
So simple yet I would not have thought of it....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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