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Hey guys and gals! I installed my sportlines about as soon as they came out.

I made a thread of my install here

Its been about 16 months and probably 15-20k miles.

I can say they have held up great! I have had zero problems with my dart. Being a little lower I scrape on pretty much everything ( I couldn't imagine being slammed), but I feel that the sportlines have held up great to my very aggressive driving for that past 16 months. Highway feels good and stable, aggressive street driving is amazing, and just regular pictures it looks pretty tight.

If anyone is hesitant on Pro-kit or sportlines I would suggest sportlines since they will be the best for aggressive styles, but if you dontwant to rub on everything or have some steep inclines/declines to gas stations or parking lots that you frequent I would get pro-kit. Unless you're a bad ass then get sportlines or save up and get coil overs.

I don't have much input on bags, but I know its full custom at this point
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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