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Electrical replaced module, battery, 4 alternators, new fuse box, ground wire

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Hello, my son passed away and my oldest son got his car, it’s a 2016 dodge dart manual transmission. Started having display issues, windows not working, door locks etc..put a new battery, then computer module, then Altenator, new battery , 3 more alternator, ground wire and new fuse box. Costing thousands, about 2 weeks after the fuse box n 4th alternator and now his battery light just came back on again and this is how it begins,,, any ideas ???? The car is costing tons of money but it’s my sons little brother whom they were super close. Help please and thank you
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Start by checking the main ground points of the car.
The battery will go out if the mail ground is Corroded or damaged, then that will be the reason why the alternator will go out.
Also check the drive belt, if the drive belt does not have the right tension that will be an other issue.
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