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Enkei Performance M52 Wheels

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These new wheels for the Dart at Tirerack are calling my name right now. It also has a wheel viewer below on the right of each wheel, on Silver it looks incredible! The price aint bad ethier!

Enkei Performance M52
Finish: Black Painted

Anyone else like them?
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That is a good looking wheel and the price is good. Are you planning to go with the stock tires or with performance tires?
Just good street tires, since this is my DD. For the price and looks those wheels are #1 in my book for a Dart right now
NICE!! Those almost look like a bigger better version of the rallye wheel, but in black of course. Those would look so sweet on your silver Dart!
Looks awesome!
I like those!
Dig em for sure!
Go for it. I would if I had the money
mmmm... i dont like those i LOVE them!!! now just to come up with the $!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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