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Hey everyone long time no see. I ended up buying a 2015 Dodge Dart se with the rallye package. It's a 6sp manual . It's pitch black with black charcoal colored 17in wheels and tinted windows.
I am considering having the factory resonator deleted. What are the opinions on that?
Same thing with the air box snorkel I was considering just removing everything past the air filter box anyone done this has it caused any differences? As long as there aren't any negatives I'm fine with it.
Lastly and this isn't a power or performance upgrade but some one somehow hit my lower grille (the plastic diamond pattern piece) there's a hole in it about 3in by 2in.
You cannot see it unless your laying on the ground. The license plate blocks your view. I'd like to fix it but I think you have to pull the whole bumper cover off. Is that right? I don't mind doing that if need to but was also considering a mesh grille insert that just clips on over the top of the existing grille. I've never used one so opinions please! Thank you everyone
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