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These are my 12inch kicker comp speakers. The box I found was rather small but this is exactly what I was looking for as it fits perfectly in the darts trunk. The amp fits really well mounted to the rear window deck. This will not work for those of you with the alpine system. I used a sony dsp (digital sound processor) which has 3 sets of rca outputs and its own amp for the factory speakers. I think the dsp puts out around 15-20 watts rms from its onboard amp which is more than factory and with the different sound fields it really makes the factory speakers scream. It also gives you the ability to adjust the subwoofer from the remote....Best part about it is the price $49.99 w/ free shipping. Here is the link to it on crutchfield,

If you have any questions or want more photos just let me know!!!!:D


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