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Hello, I've been having a problem when I pull the shifter out if first gear and go straight to neutral. If you go straight to neutral the shifter gets all notchy and hard to move at all (left and right) and after im in neutral if I go back into first like normal, it grinds but goes in, but if you slowly put it in first then there's not really a problem. HERE'S THE CATCH! when pulling out of first if you pull it back like your about to (but don't pass the synchro) go into second gear and then go to neutral then everything is fine, no notchy shifter and it moves freely back and forth. Or if you put it in any gear besides first while it's all notchy and hard to move then it basically resets itself and goes back to normal. Ot almost feels like the trans doesn't pull it out of first gear l yhe way. When the shifter is notchy and you coast forward a little then the notchyness goes away. Most of the time I avoid the problem by training myself to always go back close to second then go into neutral, but sometimes I forget and it's annoying. Any help would be great and appreciated! Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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