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found an intake

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so looking through youtube and came across someone who makes a high flow intake. price is decent they also have other mods. unfortunately I didn't see any #'s on gains but figured i'd share with the community. they also have a ECM that is squeezing out some good #'s
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Injen has an intake out, it looks pretty nice. They've got intercooler pipes out now too...pretty reasonable prices too.
I just did a week of R&D with K&N so that CAI should release in a month or so.....

Here is a video of a supporting vendors cold air intake install from another Dart forum. It is selling for $295.95 + shipping. Vendor is located in Wa state.
^^Yeah I've seen that intake...I guess I'm just partial to a big name brand like injen our K&N...I'm hoping LMI will jump in the game...I loved their CF frankentake IV intake I had on my Charger!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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