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hello dart owners

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Hello folkes, my name is John and I drive a 2013 dodge dart 2.0. A little about me I'm located in Missouri, used to drive a 2012 AWD charger r/t. And switched for the mpg. I'm a well known detailer in my area and a member of the national guard. My current mods to my dart are: gutted trunk, CAI, and visual mods of 20% tint all around, with LED license plate light and reverse lights. I look forward to hearing what other tips you guys and gals might have along with helping you guys out when I can.
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Welcome to the ForumZ from FL!
It's good to have you with us, thanks for joining.
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Hey John, Welcome from the PNW aka WA. Thanks for joining us. Always glad to have someone with car detail knowledge.
How is the 20% tint? I"m looking for tint on my car for the heat out here in Colorado plus I wanna black everything out on my dart.
My personal opinion I love the 20%. I have to say I've been pulled over for it once but I got off with a warning and that's been over a 6 month period. I'm not sure what Colorado laws on tint are but I think 20% is just right.
Washington is 35% on the front doors then whatever you want on the rest. No tint on windshield except factory visor tint strip across the top.

I have run 20% all around for years. Had it on my old Neon and now on my Dart. If you can get away with it then I would def go with the 20%.
Thanks guys! I have done it myself before but the Range Rover dealership by me will do it for $120 with lifetime warranty!
Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined, enjoy the site!
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