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Looking to build a big block dart. What years can I go with and how hard is it to get a K member that will work? Is there a certain body style i need> Can I tell by the serial number?

Any help is truely appreciated.

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I think you will find this forum is for the NEW 2012/13 Dart that has just been introduced.

I dont know about " BIG Block " the new Dart will be 1.4----2.4 Litre dont get too excited.....

and like tiptronic said, this forum is initial intended for the new 2013 Dodge Dart, but there will be a classic Dart section in the very near future so your question will be better answered there when it comes online and we have a few more members that are more familiar with the classic Dart

having said that i know that the 383 was optional in the 67-76 model years. and then soon after you could get the 440. dont know about the K member so you may need to try finding more info on a more classic Dart or A-body forum
Thanks everyone. I will post in a different section.
well technically you are in the right spot, it's just that there isnt a section for the classic Darts, just yet, but there will be. we are a new forum for the new Dart so once there is a larger group of users and the demand gets there for a classic section, it will get added
the 383 was in 67-69 and in 69 only they (Mr.Norm) put 440s in them. the 68s 383 s were Mr.Norm GSS
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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