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Well just wanted to stop in and say hi! Just picked up a 2015 Dart SE ( Listen I know its a base but it has to start somewhere) and I love it! I bought it with 13 miles on it on the 31st so approx 2 weeks from today and already put 1200 miles on it! I must say I am in love with this car and cant wait to do some exterior things to make it..more my style. This is my first brand new car and im excited at what I purchased so far!

Alittle bit about myself..

Im a 21 year old control systems tech and electrical engineer along with a computer programmer/ network admin..Yes I know very...diverse? But I do love anything that has power running through its veins! But I am a car guy at heart along with a backwoods down to earth guy. I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman when I have the time and love fishing.

I have been into cars since I was little and been building them with my father since I was roughly 11-12? Just helping him where it needs and learned a lot over the years. Started driving a '51 Ford F-100 with a flathead V8 and three on the tree( Remember that folks?) that my father and I rebuild from ages 13-16 and thats where my passion for cars really began. Currently we are finishing a '68 nova with a 454BBC and a 6spd muncie tranny. Going to be setup for autocross and drag! Has been built from the ground up from a 350SBC and 3spd to what it is now. Dyno'd at 703HP at the crank on E-85 it is N/A.

I also have a 99 Dakota R/T with a 360 (5.9L) magnum gasser with a Dana 60 rear and line lock. Had 28k miles on it when I was 17 and I put roughly 4k miles on it before I cracked a head :( but since then I have rebuilt the internals and getting it setup for a 78MM turbo running at 18-20PSI (hopefully).

Well I guess thats it! Hope yall are staying warm! Currently its -16F and 8inchs of snow on the ground.

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