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Hey guys, I've exhausted all my options. I really need help.

Back in 2015 I purchased a 2013 Dodge Dart SXT 1.4 Turbo.....from hell.
This car has such a long history of BULLSH**, dealers cannot figure it out. I had to put a new engine in the car last year, we found a 2014 motor with 1,856 miles on it. Which my boyfriend and my father, who is a mechanic, did ourselves due to the dealership saying they wouldn't warranty the issue (which is a whole other situation that's still ongoing) but long story short the car runs. Everything was installed correctly, and I have this one code that will not go away. Turbo underboost. It switches between the P0199 and P0299 codes. Occasionally the car will go into limp mode if I start to go up a hill and I don't stay on the throttle. This car cannot get out of its own way sometimes, I press the gas...and she goes but not like before this whole conundrum. No balls at all, which is getting old at this point. I've done the wastegate adjustment. I've checked all of my lines and anything connected to the turbo. There are no leaks. At this point I'm sure I just need to buy a new turbo, if that is the case....I'd like to do a turbo upgrade since the vehicle isn't warrantied anymore. Cold air intake, new intercooler lines, that whole chestnut. So. If you guys can give me some advice on what you think it could be, I'd appreciate it.

Also leave some advice on where I should go to get an upgraded turbo if that is the issue! Preferably sites that specialize in Darts! Thank you❤
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