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I wish I knew the answer to that one for you. One thing I've noticed since being on this forum all of a few days. A lot of people view, but don't really comment for some reason. I will give you this advice though. With your car being a 2016, it still has all the factory warranties. You want to keep those for as long as possible. So first things first, call the service department and see if you doing those upgrades will violate any part of your warranty. If it does, you can still get it done, you'll just have to go through the dealership to have it installed, and you'll more than likely have to select from their options of upgrades. At the same time though, going through the dealership you wouldn't have any lights kick on or anything because they can't send it out like that lol. Good luck on your search, and please do keep us updated on progress!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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