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So, as stated in the title, I screwed up.
I backed up my driveway and clipped a tree with only my right rear rim. No body damage, no popped tire, no rim damage. The only problem is that my passenger rear wheel is now cocked in slightly by about 2 inches. I've been looking at the mopar diagram for the rear suspension and I am just curious to get another couple opinions on what might be bent before I bring it to the shop tomorrow so I can go in with a good idea of what the real problem is. I know it's somewhat of a crapshoot asking online where you cant look at the car in person, but something is better than nothing...
If you look at the diagram, my first guess is that either part 1 or 3 is bent and is causing the right side wheel geometry to be off, but then I think, if the trailing arms are bent at all, wouldn't that throw off the whole geometry?
I appreciate all opinions and suggestions as to what might be messed up...Thanks guys


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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