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interior of the black widow

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Here are a few shots of our interior swap to Katzkin leather and suede headliner, plus a pick of the sub/amp setup that is also sueded out s well

we wired into factory wiring to add the amps to wire to the subs

we are running 1 dc audio 1.2k amp
pair of level 3 12" subs DC audio
and 1 175x4 dc audio amp for future mid/high upgrades this month
we also have a upgarde battery through kinetik and apower supply for shows to run car of a genertaor or wall outlet
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I love how your car looks. So how hard was it to wire your amp to the factory wiring? I just bought my dart and its been to cold to mess around with anything. Is there any bad rattling or is it pretty solid?
You have done a great job on the interior mods.
All I can say is WOW on those interior mods! Sweet.......
omg I love it where did u get the interior?did u get it off the katzkin website or how did u go about doing it ? I really want to change the interior to my dodge dart cuz as of right now I have the factory cloth seats
I have a 2013 dodge dart aero 1.4 L MultiAir Turbo
I would love to have cloth seats in my GT because that seam in the top of the leather ones hits right between my shoulder blades and is quite uncomfortable after any length of time. Looking for some kind of cover that will soften that. Anyone have any ideas?
Wanna trade your leather for my cloth? I'm in Texas as well.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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