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I have a 2014 Dart SXT Rallye and it is bluetooth compatible. I have no problem PAIRING my phone, which is an Android Samsung Galaxy S3, to the Uconnect via bluetooth. The problem lies in that even though the phone and Uconnect have paired/made a viable bluetooth connection, the music will not play.

The phone’s model shows on the touchscreen of the car and has the pause/play/skip track buttons able to be pressed. The skip track buttons on the car’s touchscreen actually change the track on the phone. As do the phone’s buttons themselves. The phone has the bluetooth symbol showing that it is indeed connected to Uconnect, the track is playing on the phone, and yet there IS NO SOUND.

Connecting/pairing are not my problem, getting the damn music to play is. You can see my frustration in that everything has been connected properly, but the audio does not stream or output to the car’s speakers.

I know this shouldn’t be problem, because the phone commands work FINE via bluetooth, and I am able to access in the touchscreen the phone’s phonebook data. And a FEW times before, the music streaming has produced sound, but I’ve only been able to do it a few times. I’ve repeated the process I used to make it work, but it is inconsistent.

What am I missing between when phone is accepts the Uconnect connection, and where the music outputs in sound through the speakers? The phone actively shows the track playing second by second, but there is NO SOUND.

Please, do not insult me by responding in any of the following ways because I assure you I’ve tried everything:
-Did you try resetting the phone and car?
-Are you sure the bluetooth is turned on?
-Are you sure the volumes are up on the car and phone?
-Maybe you should try adjusting the bluetooth settings in your phone.
-Maybe you should try adjusting the bluetooth settings in the car.
-Did you read the manual?
-Try changing the output method on your phone.
-Try connecting in these steps differently instead.
And for the love of God, don’t say “Go to the dealer, sounds like a hardware issue or update configuration” because literally the whole point of us being on this forum is to not just “go to the dealer.”

What is the “in between” I’m missing here to where I can hear the MP3 files from my phone, which I have no problem pairing in bluetooth, to stream through Uconnect, that output through the car’s speakers?

Please, only clear, concise, specific, and on topic answers. Please no speculation or suggestions unless the exact answer is known.

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ISSUE SOLVED (via another forum)

It appears that even though the Bluetooth has established the connection, and the music is playing on the phone, (but no sound) you still have to "tell" the phone to output the sound through the Bluetooth stream. (As opposed to it just playing the "background" where you can't hear any sound.)

In the "Paired Phones" where it gives you the option of the two boxes to use the phone as "phone" or the "media player," select the PHONE tab and not the music player. This automatically tells the phone/switches over the have the sound transmit through the Bluetooth connection. I've tested this method multiple times and it has worked each time.

Method confirmed, issue solved.
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