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Mid- Atlantic/ East Coast

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Is there anyone located in the Mid-Atlantic/ East Coast region? I am in Va Beach and it seems i am the lone ranger in this area. I have noticed one dart so far. It's ok, I will hold my head high.
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I just got a rallye. I'm located in nc
I'm up here in Manassas, about 20 minutes oustide of D.C. You should also come check out mid atlantic modern mopars...there's a link to it at the bottom of this page I think. All mopar owners in our region...I think I'm the only Dart owner on there!
Yea I ain't afraid of a lil ride lol there's not many down here either.
I live in Newport News and work in Colonial Heights as a Navy Recruiter so I'm all over the state lol.
I live on the way east coast of maybe 4 or so hours away?
Eldersburg, MD. It is west of Baltimore.
North central PA just an hour south of the NY border. There's a handful of darts here.
I was lucky enough to find a citrus peel in MD and the manassas dealer was able to get it for me next day! i'm currently in Culpeper VA. I love my dart but the only other dart i've seen was a white one headed west on I-66 yesterday other than that not seen a one!
North East Maryland here. Not too many Darts rolling around but starting to see a few more. Haven't had mine long but a neighbor up the street from me who I do not know has had one a little longer than me. I caught them driving by slow and looking the second day I owned her. :)
I haven't seen a lot in Southern Maryland at all. I think one was visiting a neighbor a few months ago. It's nice to have something that's not everywhere. :)
......... It's nice to have something that's not everywhere. :)
Couldn't agree more. :)
From Frederick ,Md

Hello guys and gals..I just purchased a 2013 Dart Rallye 1.4 multi air turbo..looking to hang with some fellow dart owners..I am from the Frederick area
I'm in west Georgia, and I have seen a few around here. Seems like the car is getting popular, lots of folks taking a look at mine, asking how I like it. Glad to meet you,

Hey I seem to be all alone up in my part of Massachusetts... Defiantly the only GT owner around
I am from Glen Burnie MD right outside Baltimore
there be a few by me. a sxt and a nice black on black gt. but I see them all over I78. lots of orange ones around here. only white on black is mine :D
I'm on Long Island in New York. I have seen a handful of darts. I'd like a dart buddy! I'm surprised there aren't more around here!
I live 20 minutes NE of Baltimore.
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