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My dart has arrived!!!

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My Dodge Dart has arrived at my dealership here in Troy, MI....I will be heading out shortly to go finish some paperwork on it and take her for ride home!!!! So excited!

Pictures to follow in the following days!!! Stay tuned.

Wish me luck!!! :):):):):)
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Congrats! Very happy for you!

I would allow a couple hours to pick it up, I hear the tech training alone takes an hour to go through. Please post some pics when you get some time!
one pic!

guys sorry about no pics yet...i picked up my car thursday night and worked 2 12 hour shifts in a row friday and today (saturday) im off tomrrow and i will get some pics up for you guys. see if this link works here... this is a pic I after i got it home thursday night.

this is my first manual car, so its been a fun learning experience (at times frustrating) learning how to get from zero into first...but im getting the hang of it..

everyone who i have showed it to loves it! the car is slick, has a sweet curb appeal...getting lots of looks from people who walk by and see it. this car is sweeter/sexier than I imagined. the dash is sweet, 8.4" nav/mp3/cd ect is awesome. roomy, huge trunk, the race tracktail lights look great at night...

and the 1.4 turbo has some pretty good "giddy up" much fun to drive.

i've got 58 miles on it thus far...and hopefully lots more!!! Pics soon guys...hang tight!!
Congrats on the new ride. Glad you are enjoying it!
I'm jealous haha sweet ride have fun showing it off.
Sweeet, congrats.. very happy with mine so far... Got put some miles on it and hit some twisties!!!!

BTW 100mph comes pretty quick in 4th Gear:)
Very Nice!!! Hope that the R/Ts will be available soon so I can order mine.
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