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I am doing my own install. I am not a professional. In fact this is my first time doing my own install from scratch on a car. I have had a interest in car stereo for many years and believe I have a good idea what I am doing but I also realize I might make mistakes here and there. Right now I am just hooking it up so I have sound. I plan to get a smd temp meter and fan control and redo the amp rack with variable speed fans. I need a different box for my sub. This one came out of my suburban I had before this car. This system is work in progress right now.

So far I have:
Dynamat in trunk
2x Rockford Fosgate t400.2 (doors)
R. F. t600.4 (not yet installed for dashboards)
R. F. t1500bd bass amp
R. F. 10 farad capacitor
R. F. 3sixty.3 processor
320 amp alternator
Lots of wire mostly from Knukonceptz
Knukonceptz 6 way fuse box and 5 way grounding block
2 pair pioneer tsm800 pro mid woofer
2 pair pioneer tsb400 pro tweeters

If you need a high output alt, I recommend where I got mine. I think it was only around $400-$500. It was a factory like fit with the right pulley already on it.
Ron Van Arsdall
Quality Power
31510 Yucaipa Blvd.
Yucaipa, CA 92399
(909) 794-1600

If I can figure out how to post them I have some pics.
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