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Have had this far for a few days now and put about 350+ miles on the car so far. I love this thing so far. As a daily driver it is a great car. For its size and class it is smooth and quiet of the freeway. Handles dam good for a car with no rear sway bar. Second day we had the car we packed the car full, trunk and rear seat full of camp gear and took off camping with friends. Loaded it cornered great. I like the interior a lot too. Comfortable seats and I like that the volume for the touch screen is still a dial. If your looking for a new but cheaper car to drive every day with 4 doors this would be a great car. I like every thing about my DDCT transmission, did not think I would but I do so far.

Now the things I don't like about the car...
If your using the navigation and do a search like for all recreational areas in your area for example, the stupid navigation refreshes every minute and puts you back at the top of the page. If your scrolling through things you have 60 sec to find what your looking for before you have to scroll back down again, its stupid.
For being rated at 160 hp it is a turd. I know its heavy but I expected more power. Don't get me wrong it scoots a little and for a 1.4 liter its powerful and dose what it was built for but not what I expected. Found out in the mountains there is no limited slip in the diff. Most FWD cars don't so its not a shocker but I had a hard time getting out of our camp spot because it was a little steep and one tire kept breaking loose and I had to take a run at the hill. The turbo is definitely under sized for performance. This is great for a stock car as it will spool up at very low RPM, spooled from a dead stop trying to go over a small rock in the mountains lol, but for a car to be making 20 PSI of boost at only 160 HP says there is some major restrictions in this thing and looking at the size of the compressor I see the first restriction. I wish Gerrett would come out with a GT25 swap for the car. There is a lag on top of the turbo lag that sucks. Going to try and tune it out with the go pedal kit. I honestly think that if some one could come out the a good tune for the car that in its stock state with a good tune it would be as powerful as I wish it was. You can feel it starts to scoot than the power quickly drops off. I hate how dodge is so hard to tune. I had a first gen neon I modified and tuning was tricky on that thing. I drove a black top GT I think, it had the 2.4 and I like the power on the Aero better.

Like I said the suspension is pretty good for what it is so I am going to put some 17s probably form a Dart Turbo as I like the rims a lot, do a rear sway bar and strut tower bar in the front and call it good. Some might think I am being nit picky on the lag and power but my wife has also said she wishes it had more power in certain situations. If this would have been a stick the lag thing would not be a problem. I have found that turning off the traction control and putting it in auto stick dose give it more pep though. I am fine with the around town power but passing people on the freeway is not as good as I would like. My 2005 impalla and 1998 grand am do way better and if this car could over take cars like they could it would be an excellent car.

All in all I love this car and I think with a few tweaks it will be an amazing car that both me and my wife will enjoy a lot. Its great for taking trips in and drives great around town. Comfortable, smooth, confident handling and quiet. Driving both the 2.4 and the 1.4 turbo I would recommend the 1.4.
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