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Nav map not showing/iPod playback ?

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I got in my Dart tonight and was gong to play with the Nav system. When I tapped on "view map" it told me what street I was on, speed, speed limit, and direction of travel, but no map showed up. I've gone through all the settings, turned the car off and restarted it...still no map.

Also, I have an iPod connected to the USB port. On the screen I selected "shuffle". It works, but the playlist is different every time I start the car. The song that was playing the last time I was in the car is remembered but it is moved to the first song on the list...annoying. Also, the radio ended a song in the middle of a verse and went to the next song. Happened each time I played this song and never happened in my Charger. The song is over 5 minutes long...I wonder if that has something to do with it.

Anyone else experience these issues?

'13 Dart Limited 1.4L DDCT, premium and technology package, racetrack taillamps, HID's, sunroof, and 9 Speaker Alpine sound system.
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