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So I bought a dart about 4 months ago, reverse lockout cable snapped been driving around with it snapped. While looking to see how easy of a repair it was after dealership quoted me at $450-500 for a whole new shifter assembly lol I notice mine was frayed a few mm above the sleeve connected to the shifter box http://www.****************/forum/dodge-dart-general-discussion/1757-dodge-dart-shifter-issues.html scroll down till you find the diagram of the lockout and you can access that lever by reaching your hand down and hitting the clutch then into reverse and I wait to start the car till then don't know how dangerous or safe it is but it gets the job done in emergency. Had it zip tied but when leaving the gate of reverse it seems to be mechanically clicked and after a couple times the zip tie was shimmied off ( if it hadn't been air tight it would've fell off instantly but it held for at least 5 times. I bought some cable from local bike shop $4.21 for probably at least 2 more times of this piece breaking cause knowing mopar it will. I used a long hooked mirror to look at the bottom of my shifter and I can clearly see the lever the cable going up through the plastic sleeve and breaking 1mm after. Plan on getting er all patched up on Tuesday
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