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Hey fellow dart owners I need someones help.

I need to see what the keyless go start button looks like. and the key that you have to go with it maybe a part number if one is listed on the back?

I want to add keyless go to my dart but I didnt want to wait 6 or so weeks to custom order one. so i am trying to get the parts I need and the chrysler site is not telling me much since the car is so new.

Can someone please take a picture of there key, push button start switch. and tell me wether the push button pops out or now.

And if your comfortable You vin number via pm would work awesome as i can narrow down the search based on vin.

Thanks. also I have a few things going on right now. Had the car for a week and already have taken the cluster among other things to change some things around.

I will post pictures when i am done.

PS i have the limited I chose not to get the rear racetrac light as I have something in the works for that as well again YOu;ll see.

thanks and if anyone can send me pics etc that would be awesome

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