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New Here From Saskatchewan

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Bought Dart SXT 1.4 Multiair Dual Exhaust 6 Speed Manual last Thursday already 1100 KM's Aprox 630 Miles on it nice riding Car. But 1 Question (may Be a Dumb one but hope not), For 1st 450 miles on car when driving i definately know when the turbo kicks in approx 2700RPM ,i am trying to break in properly by not driving hard and adjusting speed on highway so not always the same speed or rpm and when i stop i let idle for a few min to let turbo idle down . is that still needed like older turbo cars? but on last 150 miles or so i no longer feel the turbo kicking in ? is it because the engine getting Looser as in breaking in a bit ? on anouther forum i forget where a member said wrong oil was put in the 1.4'S from factory p.s. not syntheitic but regular oil Does anybody know if that true or not Anyway love the ride traded in civic i had for 6 years i now 44 years old lol

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Welcome to the Z from NC! I would recommend to browse through your owners manual, it should tell you about engine break in periods. I would think you would get a letter also if they used the wrong oil if it would hurt the engine but you are the first I've heard mention this.
Welcome to the Z from northern Louisiana :D first I've heard of this you should contact your dealer on the issue though
:) Hello! Welcome to the Z from SW Florida :)
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