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Hello everyone I am completely new to this forum so I apologize if I'm in the wrong area. Also wanted to say thanks to everyone I've been creeping this forum for the last week learning a lot and getting ideas for my dart.

Anyways last night I put on my new K&N short ram intake and there seems to be some sort of rattle but only when it reaches high revs in first gear. Every other gear sounds great but when it first instead of giving that clean woosh sound it just kind of shutters. There was an issue when installing one of the vent fittings on the pipe broke in half so I had to get a make shift part from an auto parts store but it's brass so I can't imagine its any worse then the plastic piece I broke. My guess is the pipe is hitting against the heat shield or something, I had my friend watch it while I was revving but he didn't notice anything. Any ideas are much appreciated and thanks to everyone in advance.
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