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Just joined the forum. I bought my Dart Limited back in May. Already got 12k miles on it. It's been problem free. It's Black on Black. I am liking the heated steering wheel ans seats since it's getting cold here in Maryland.

I Have an 07 Dodge Ram, but my 80 mile per day commute was killing me on fuel. I am keeping the truck, but it's feeling neglected in the driveway. My wife drives a 2010 Charger. ;) Couple more vehicles and we can have a complete dodge collection. My daughter has informed me that she is going to buy a new Dart within the next few weeks. Pretty cool.

I am a mopar nut from the 70's. Its funny that the first car I ever owned when i was 15 way back in 73', was a 1962 Dart. But it had a huge v8 - 413 max-wedge. Have also owned 66 cornet, 69 Road runner, 68 GTX, 68 satellite , 97 RAM.... if I was smart, I would have kept some of those !!

I knew when they introduced the new Dart, I had to have one!

So I just wanted to say hello!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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