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Hey Guys/Gals...

My names Daniel ,

Just bought a Dart Rallye in Red for the Wife on Friday.

Its a 1.4Turbo MultiAir with a 6spd Mt

No leather/moonroof/Navi but pretty much everything else....

It was the first to hit my Local Dodge Dealer EUGENE OR. and they already had them 1000$ off sticker...

So far ive been doing most the driving, It was our anniversary so we took a trip up the Oregon coast to a few sites and put some good Spirited miles on the car and Burned thru the first full tank of fuel, 490 miles later and 34 Mpg//// wow, pretty good for a new Tight car with a lot on mountain winding roads and a good amount of traffic!!!

My main Concerns when looking for a car was STYLE, Technology, and a bit of power.... and most of all Good Fuel economy.(the older i get the more i care... I know... i Know... But when u have a Geo Metro that gets anywhere for 44-50 MPG overall its tough to give that up hahah

Few troubles so far but may be just need to get used too

1st Gear seems TALL!!!! likes to stall when taking off from a stop with A/C on.... basically need to give it a good throttle Blip before takeoff...

Hill start assist is kinda weird as well////

Engine bay retains a lot of Heat, I know the Turbo bla, bla, bla... but dont pop the hood after some driving and grab the hood Prop rod

Here are a few pics


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This is the 3rd dodge ive owned i guess

1970 D100 408 on N20(Pro-street Kinda) parted out
2002 Ram 2500 5.9 Cummins 4x4
and now the Dart....

Always wanted a Srt-4 for some reason and always drooled over the Srt-8 lineup
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